John Cena the Next Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin CMT Crew Walks Off, Jeff Jarrett Global Force Wrestling Vision

Top Wrestling News: These are the top wrestling stories on Twitter and Facebook today!

John Cena Dwayne Johnson

1. Is John Cena the Next Dwayne The Rock Johnson?

Still Real To Us brings us this John Cena Story. He was recently interviewed by FOX411, and the interviewer asks Cena if he sees himself being the next Dwayne Johnson as far as his movie career goes. Plus find out who he wants to face in the ring!
Stone Cold CMT

2. The Crew for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s CMT Reality Show Walks Off The Set!

According to Wrestling Edge, the crew for Steve Austin’s reality show- He has one… on CMT. It’s called “Broken Skull Challenge”..- walked off the set due to contractual reasons. Here’s the story:

The crew for Steve Austin’s reality show walks off the set

Jeff Jarrett GFW
3.Jeff Jarrett’s Vision for Global Force Wrestling:

Now, we usually like to spread the love around with these Wrestling News Roundup posts, but Wrestling News Co is killing it on social media today with multiple top stories. I’m not feeling great, so I’m going to limit today’s wrestling roundup to the top 3 stories. Coming in at number 3, Global Force Wrestling owner Jeff Jarrett gives a video interview on his vision for the company:

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Well, those are the top Pro Wrestling stories today according to social media. What were YOUR top wrestling stories today?

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