Survivor Series Shocker: CM Punk Returns to WWE

CM Punk WWE Return
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Triple H’s words on X say it all – “Mighty cold day in hell” indeed.

CM Punk made his return to WWE at Survivor Series after nearly 10 years away from he company. The speculation about a return for Punk has been rampant pretty much since his departure from AEW. Although most reports denied Punk would return, Punk appeared to close Survivor Series with masterful execution backstage by Triple H.

Apparently, almost no one knew about Punk’s return, including production, as Triple H took over on headset to close the show and directed how things went. Randy Orton made his return in the actual Wargames match, but the tease of Orton not showing up already prompted “CM PUNK!” chants throughout the night.

Of course, there are already those detractors of Punk who only judge him based on his bad experience in AEW, but many forget the 8-year run he had in WWE that saw him ascend to the top and have a lengthy run as WWE Champion. While Punk is an admitted problematic personality, he also has a very old-school mentality, something Triple H can relate to.

This move by Triple H can be viewed as a slap in the face of AEW, with Tony Khan claiming Punk had him in “fear of his life” and the company just not being able to pull together much momentum lately, being able to bring a former WWE Champion and one of the most talked about stars in pro wrestling home was a massive move to make.

With all of the naysayers predicting a Punk injury or another backstage problem just like AEW, one thing is for sure, we are 100% invested and can’t wait to tune in and see what happens next.

Check out the video of CM Punk’s historic return to WWE – one thing we should be able to agree on, there aren’t many reactions today like a CM Punk Chicago reaction:

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