Video: CM Punk Talks His Last Night with AEW, His WWE Return, Vince McMahon, More.

CM Punk AEW Shoot
After CM Punk’s shocking return at Survivor Series it felt like moving forward we may never hear Punk talk about his AEW experience; from rumors of NDAs to the general vibe that his time in AEW would be treated as an afterthought, it felt like we might never hear Punk’s side of the story.

That all changed thanks to Punk sitting down with Ariel Helwani for a nearly two-hour interview on “The MMA Hour” where Punk addressed more than ever before. From giving details on his confrontations with Jack Perry and final night in AEW to his interactions with Tony Khan and his general feeling about how AEW is run, this was the first and probably last time Punk will go in-depth on the topic.

Punk also detailed just how fast his return to WWE came together, when he actually signed his contract, and his one interaction with Vince McMahon before Vince left the company for good. Punk also talks about his current WWE run and what his original plan for WrestleMania XL might have been.

Whether you love or hate Punk, this interview was a great behind-the-scenes look at one of the most controversial situations the wrestling business has seen in years, looks into why Punk didn’t fit with AEW’s business practices, and also his overall view on how the wrestling business should be run.

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