Full Segment: The Rock Destroys Cody Rhodes; Ushers in Another Attitude Era?

Rock Cody Rhodes Brawl
Monday Night RAW in Chicago has to be one of the most talked about episodes in years, mostly due to The Rock’s surprise appearance on the show. Cody Rhodes’ promo was interrupted by The Rock, who whispered something to Rhodes and left. This alone had people talking throughout RAW, but the end was the real icing on the cake. Here’s how it all started:

To close the show, a brawl ensued after Jey Uso defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and spilled backstage. At this point The Rock appeared again, beating down Rhodes outside the arena as it rained down which made for quite the scene. Aside from the Rock once again dropping F-bombs in this segment (without censoring live in the arena,) the most shocking part of this beatdown was the return of blood. WWE’s “TV-PG” product over the past 15+ years has forbidden blood, but The Rock was once again part of a segment that made it clear that change is upon us.

The Rock’s star is shining brighter than ever, and having this next-level heel character feels like something we haven’t seen in MANY years. For anyone who thought the Bloodline vs. Cody feud needed a little extra heat, last night’s RAW provided it. With all this buzz, hopefully, WWE management continues to see that giving the adults something again will only add to their momentum as they arrive on Netflix in a few months.

Check out The Rock and Cody Rhodes’ insane brawl from RAW in Chicago in full below:

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