Video: Vince McMahon Gives Seth Rollins His WrestleMania Match (Contains Spoilers)

Vince McMahon Seth Rollins Meeting

In recent weeks we’ve written about the odd path some Superstars have taken to get to WrestleMania 38, namely Kevin Owens. Owens’ regular tag partner Seth Rollins has also been on a seemingly odd path, especially if you haven’t kept up with the rumor mill. Rollins has been trying to “earn” his way onto the WrestleMania card and failing to do so. The idea that a main eventer like Rollins has to “earn” the “honor” of just having a match on WrestleMania is pretty out there in itself, especially with no titles on the line. Over the last few weeks, WWE has had Rollins either moping around about not being on the card or coming up with another idea to get on it. Earlier today, Seth Rollins was summoned to the office of Vince McMahon where Rollins finally got a match on the card:


As mentioned above, if you’ve kept up with the rumors (or even if you’ve listened to the crowd chants on recent episodes of RAW,) all of this is almost positively building up to the return of Cody Rhodes. Speculation has run rampant for weeks that Rhodes would show up on RAW and the WrestleMania match would be made, but each week has ended in disappointment for anyone awaiting Cody’s return. In the above video, even Vince asks Rollins why he didn’t just ask for a match, which kind of makes Rollins look like an idiot, but that’s the WWE Universe we are in today.

After all this build, Cody is coming in with huge momentum like a major star and now we know that his return will likely be a WrestleMania moment and not just a return on RAW or SmackDown. It remains to be seen if WWE can book Cody properly and keep him at the main event level, but if the crowds are already chanting his name, they will undoubtedly come unglued if he returns to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

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