Breaking News: Roman Reigns Announces Leukemia Diagnosis; Relinquishes Universal Title

Roman Reigns Leukemia

Monday Night RAW kicked off this week with some of the most heart wrenching news we’ve heard in quite some time – Roman Reigns announcing he’s been diagnoses with leukemia and would be relinquishing the WWE Universal Championship.

The shocking news was delivered by Reigns who came to the ring in street clothes and let the fans know that he couldn’t live up to the things he says as “Roman Reigns,” noting that his real name is “Joe.” Of course every fan that had been booing Reigns immediately changed their tune as silence came over the crowd.

It seemed as if not even the commentators knew this news was coming as they promoted Reigns’ recent feuds and upcoming title defense at Crown Jewel as he approached the ring.  After the usual Roman Reigns reception from the crowd, things got very serious very fast.

Reigns noted in his speech that he first had leukemia 11 years ago and beat it, but the disease has now returned. Roman also stated that this was not a retirement speech, and that he planned to beat the disease again and return to WWE. Reigns received a huge reaction from the crowd and it’s obvious that the wrestling world will be behind him in this battle.

Following Reigns’ announcement, his Shield brother Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins shared a tearful embrace on the stage. Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Corey Graves followed the news with a heartfelt message about Reigns and their personal relationships with him.

This shocking news is hard to fathom but we will all undoubtedly look forward to the moment Roman Reigns is able to return. This story will undoubtedly be an inspirational one in the end. We all wish Roman Reigns the best in this fight.

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