Daniel Bryan Wins the World Heavyweight Championship at TLC

Daniel Bryan Wins the World Title

The biggest news coming out of the TLC pay-per-view is the World Heavyweight Championship win by Daniel Bryan.  Bryan of course was not scheduled in a match on the PPV but rather cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase after Big Show defeated Mark Henry for the title.  Just after winning, Big Show was attacked by Henry and laid out, prompting Bryan to hit the ring and cash in.

So Daniel Bryan is now officially the World Heavyweight Champion.  I use officially because just a few weeks ago WWE tested the waters by having Bryan “win” the title by cashing in on Mark Henry, only to have Teddy Long reverse it due to Henry not being cleared to wrestle. Well, this time around word is that Henry is legitimately injured and the decision was made to do the title change tonight at TLC.

Now the question is, how long will Daniel Bryan hold the belt.  My prediction….not very long.  I think Bryan could be pushed as a legit champion that even though small, has an arsenal of submissions that can defeat anyone at any time.  But my gut feeling is that WWE won’t run with a smaller guy as champion for very long, and I could see him dropping the belt to Big Show or even Henry soon.

Other results from TLC:

CM Punk retained the WWE title over Miz and Alberto Del Rio
Cody Rhodes retained the IC title over Booker T
Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger
Triple H defeated Kevin Nash
Beth Phoenix retained the Divas Championship over Kelly Kelly
Randy Orton over Wade Barrett after an RKO through a table
Air Boom retained the tag titles over Epico and Primo
and Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship

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