Edge Retires from WWE

Edge WWE Retirement

In one of the most shocking wrestling stories in a long time, Edge announced his retirement last night on Monday Night Raw.  We had absolutely no warning or rumors about this, but Edge is indeed retiring due to spinal injuries that would worsen with further damage taken in the ring.

Edge had spinal fusion surgery in 2003 and now some of the same symptoms he had back then are returning such as the numbness in his arms, he mentioned on RAW.  Edge was reportedly given a mic and allowed to go out and talk about whatever he wanted, which was a great gesture by WWE.  Edge recalled his many title reigns and classic characters he portrayed during his WWE career.  He also noted that while he isn’t ending things on his terms, he IS getting to retire as World Champion and had a great career that he never would have expected.  After his in-ring promo, they aired footage of him receiving an ovation backstage and embracing many of those he was closest with in WWE over the years.

It really is amazing that in this day and age of wrestling that none of this leaked, but it does appear as if Edge’s condition was very recently discovered after getting an MRI.   I found all of this hard to believe as I watched RAW; I felt like Alberto Del Rio’s music would hit at any minute and a big angle would go down, but sadly it did not, and Edge’s retirement is not a storyline and is 100% legit.

With Edge retiring as World Champion, it looks like WWE will have him surrender the title at this week’s Smackdown.  There will no doubt be an announcement at Smackdown as to how the World Title situation will be handled.

Edge will be remembered as a star that came from the Attitude Era and excelled beyond anyone’s expectations.  His legendary ladder matches alongside Christian against the Hardy Boys will never be forgotten, and his road to becoming the “Rated R Superstar” was some of his best work ever.  Edge’s retirement falls into the “much too soon” category, but no one can argue that it is the right thing to do if it means Adam Copeland not living the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  Thank you, Edge.


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