Vote for Trish Stratus for Hottest Female Canadian TV Star, and Get a Hot New Photo Shoot!

Trish Stratus Bra and PantiesTrish Stratus is missed sorely every single week that we have to watch the same old WWE Divas doing the same old thing. Many say Sunny was the original Diva, and indeed she may be, but Trish is the Diva that had it all and could do it all.

When Trish debuted, she was the ultra-hot manager that was eye candy like no other. Then Trish became a wrestler and became one of the most skilled and entertaining in-ring Divas of all time. Then add the fact that Trish can be entertaining and even funny in backstage vignettes and promos and took part in many great storylines, and the fact becomes clear that Trish Stratus brings everything to the table and thus the reason she is sorely missed on WWE TV.

So where is Trish Stratus now?! Trish is showing her multiple other talents doing other projects such as her own travel show “Stratusphere” and owning her own yoga studio, and she’s also now been nominated for the hottest female Canadian TV star at “The Gemini Awards” which showcase the best in Canadian TV. I’ve discovered that Trish now has an official Trish Stratus Myspace in which she’s asking her fans to vote for her to win the award, and if she does, she’s promising a hot photoshoot for her fans, and damn it’s been way too long since we’ve gotten a hot Trish photo shoot. Here is what Trish had to say on her Myspace:

“So apparently Nov. 18 is a lucky day for me – 7 years ago I won the title for the first.. time (wow – that seemed like yesterday!) and today I made the top 5 … okay, kind of not as big as winning the title- I guess the big day would be if I actually won the Gemini … oh, how convenient – now that I have your attention, maybe you could you know, throw me a few votes…

Oh, who am i kidding – YAY!!! I’m so psyched I made the top 5!! WHOO HOO!!

You guys made the difference- seriously I am so grateful to have a network of friends that can swerve a vote – thank you sooo much for your support – i can’t tell you how much it means to me – i would.. show you – but you can’t see me doing my happy dance – but i totally am!

Okay, let’s seal the deal – voting ends Nov. 21 – show me some love and again, i haven’t worked out the logisitics yet but i’m willing to share the trophy … its really pretty… and shiny …. and see – through ….

And, Kim Catrell – you can still.. eat your heart out (that is if I don’t eat my words first)

Love y’all!!


PS This would like be winning Babe of the Year for the fourth time .. kind of, except i’m not doing a photo shoot if i win … F*&K it! I’m putting this out there – If I win – I’ll do a Gemini Viewer’s Choice Award Photo Shoot for you guys to celebrate the win!! And just like the trophy, it will be pretty … and shiny … and see -through … what the hell?? Okay, pretty and shiny… I’d look weird see-through, all my organs and stuff showing (this is getting weird isn’t it? I’ll stop now) : )”

So there you have it, Trish offering up a hot photoshoot if she wins and voting takes all of 5 seconds, so let’s show love for one of the top all-time women in wrestling ever, and hell, maybe she’ll follow through on the pretty, shiny, and hopefully SEE THROUGH photo shoot! Voting is only open for the next couple of days., so let’s show how much Trish is missed by helping her WIN!

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