Hulk Hogan Racist Tapes, Removal from WWE- Reactions from SI, USA Today, Bleacher Report, Rolling Stone, People, TMZ

Hulk Hogan is the biggest story today and will likely be the biggest story in Pro Wrestling for quite some time. This story transcends wrestling and has taken over mainstream media. For example, when I checked which Hulk Hogan stories were the biggest on social media, all of them were from mainstream media or non-wrestling blogs.

As we posted earlier, WWE Fired Hulk Hogan for racist recordings that surfaced, allegedly of the Hulkster using the “N word” while discussing a black man his daughter was dating.

There are so many stories and reactions about the latest Hulk Hogan scandal.

Hulk Hogan Mainstream Media

Since this will obviously be the biggest wrestling story today, we will use today’s Pro Wrestling Roundup post to share reactions from media, as well as wrestling blogs and websites. We are going to post the very top stories right now, but you can expect us to add links as more reactions come in.

1. Bleacher Report: Hulk Hogan and WWE Part Ways- Latest Details

Bleacher Report has the latest details and reactions, including tweets from Darren Rovell, a tweet from Hulk Hogan himself about giving God control over the storm, and an apology from Hogan himself. This might be a good place to keep an eye on updates: Hulk Hogan and WWE Part Ways

Note: Hogan’s Lawyer says he resigned Thursday night.

2. People Exclusive- Hulk Hogan’s Apologizes for ‘Unacceptable’ Racist Rant

Read Hulk Hogan’s statement to People here 

3. WWE Has Fired Hulk Hogan

For The Win at USA Today has the news on Hogan’s removal from the WWE websites, his ‘cryptic tweet’, and subsequent apology here

4. TMZ- Hulk Hogan Fired by WWE as n Word Scandal Erupts

5. Report: WWE Scrubs ALL Mention of Hulk Hogan

6. Sports Illustrated Covers the Story

7. What’s a story without the journalists at Rolling Stone weighing in:
Hulk Hogan fired by WWE over Racial Tirade 

8. Sports Bloggers take a break from covering LeSean McCoy’s “Eyes Wide Shut” party to spill some digital ink on the Hulkster: CBS Sports- WWE Fires Hulk Hogan

We’ll keep an eye out for the latest reactions from the New York Times, Forbes, The Economist, Buzzfeed, and any other esteemed publications we missed, and be sure to let you know.

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Well, those are the top Hulk Hogan scandal reactions today according to social media. What are your thoughts about the Hulkster?

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