Hulk Hogan Has a….Sex Tape?

New Hulk Hogan Controversy

Well, not much can be said about this one.  Of all the possible sex tape controversies that could involve a WWE Diva…..or even a TNAKnockout…what we get is a reported…Hulk Hogan sex tape.  TMZ reports that the tape is being shopped around, and features the Hulkster in some…compromising situations with an unidentified brunette – who is neither his ex-wife Linda or current wife Jennifer.

Rumors will no doubt swirl that this may involve a TNA Knockout since TNA is where Hogan currently works, but there is no word on when this tape was even recorded so it could have been years ago.  Hulk’s lawyer responded to TMZ and it sounds like Hulk had no idea all of this was being filmed and seems pretty pissed about it.  Talk about an image killer.

The tape has already been shopped around to porn king Vivid Entertainment, but no word on if they will make an attempt to buy it.  Something tells us Hulk will do all he can to make sure the video doesn’t see the light of day.  It is publicity, but I’m sure this isn’t the kind Hulk Hogan had in mind for himself or TNA Wrestling.  More on this story as it develops (or hopefully just quietly goes away.)

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