Bray Wyatt Returns to WWE at Extreme Rules

Bray Wyatt Extreme Rules
Photo Credit: WWE

The “White Rabbit” mystery that has been playing out at live events and even through clues on TV recently saw its payoff at Extreme Rules, and Bray Wyatt is officially back in WWE.

Earlier tonight, Wyatt returned after the Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins main event match to a massive reaction from the Philadelphia crowd. The presentation was impressive with numerous throwbacks to Wyatt’s “Firefly Funhouse” characters, including The Fiend. Wyatt finally appeared in front of the crowd in a new mask, which he removed to an even bigger reaction before delivering the line “I’m here.”

For those unaware, a few weeks ago WWE randomly turned the lights down and played the 1960s song “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane at numerous live events. No one was quite sure what it means, but the possibility that it may have something to do with Bray Wyatt seemed to be apparent almost right away. Then in recent weeks, anyone watching WWE programming closely noticed mysterious QR codes popping up throughout the TV shows. Those codes link to cartoons with mysterious messages to figure out. Ultimately, it’s now been confirmed that it was all building to Bray Wyatt’s return.

Ever since Bray Wyatt’s shocking release last year, rumors have been constant about him either popping up in AEW or returning to WWE. Thankfully, the timing worked out for the new WWE management to be able to make this happen, since the prior regime obviously didn’t know what else to do with Bray. It feels like if Vince McMahon was still in charge, Wyatt’s return could have happened in the middle of the show and been treated like a big deal, but probably not AS big as it came across tonight.

The signature Triple H “are we still on the air?” situation was used as the event seemed over after Riddle vs. Rollins, until the lights went out and the crowd knew something big was coming. Wyatt came off as an even bigger star before, and will hopefully be presented as a badass that doesn’t have to it clear whether he’s a “good guy” or “bad guy”…just a main event superstar who will show why he never should have been released.

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