WWE News Roundup – SummerSlam Match Postponed, WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, More

Seth Rollins Match Postponed
Photo Credit: WWE

It’s been a while since we did a news roundup and with Triple H being named head of WWE creative to SummerSlam taking place this Saturday night in Nashville, the updates have been just about constant.

First up, if you watched this past Monday’s RAW, Seth Rollins attacked Riddle ahead of their scheduled SummerSlam match to close the show. In an update from WWE’s “The Bump,” it has been announced that Riddle is injured and his match with Rollins is now off the SummerSlam card and has been postponed:

As soon as this angle went down Monday, it seemed like something was up, possibly a backup plan in case Brock Lesnar didn’t follow through with showing up for his match with Roman Reigns, which would free up Rollins to take his place. Since that time, word is that while this is indeed an angle, either the Rollins vs. Riddle match is something the new creative team wants to hold off on, but another scenario would see Triple H insert a surprise opponent for Rollins this Saturday.

Triple H bringing back a big name like Bray Wyatt would be a boost for the new regime and obviously a move that would create a huge buzz, but there’s no official word on Triple H making such a big move in his first week of being in control. Things got a little bit fuzzier when Rollins tweeted his thoughts on the postponement, seemingly out of character, where he seemed to imply that management isn’t paying attention to how over he is:

So does the above tweet open the door for Triple H to respond with a surprise opponent? Will it lead to a character change for Rollins? It may just be the beginning of a more serious tone that WWE may take under Triple H. Hopefully, it will mark the end of guys and girls talking about “earning” spots on shows (especially when they’re main event talent) and get back to talking about winning championships because champions make more money.

The other big news today was the announcement that WrestleMania 40 will officially take place in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field. The biggest WWE event of the year taking place in one of those most raucous wrestling towns in history should make for a great environment, especially being Philly hasn’t had a WrestleMania in 25 years and never one in a stadium. WrestleMania 40 takes place on April 6th and 7th 2024:

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