The Legendary Terry Funk Passes Away at the Age of 79

Rest in Peace Terry Funk
Pro wrestling has lost one of its most iconic figures today as Terry Funk has passed away at the age of 79. There may have never been another performer that touched so many generations.

Terry Funk was literally one of the biggest worldwide pro wrestling stars ever and arguably had the most storied career of all time. When you think about the fact that Terry was an NWA World Champion in the 70s, a main eventer during the Rock N Wrestling Era in the WWF in the 80s before becoming a movie star, a main eventer again in the late 80s NWA, right on to his runs in ECW, WWF, and WCW in the late 90s and 2000s.

Wrestling fans will undoubtedly be celebrating Terry Funk’s career over the next few days/weeks/months and many will be educated on just how big of a star he was. Many will see that he was an absolute icon in Japan aside from everything he did in the U.S. It’s really hard to imagine a talent that adapted to so many territories and eras, but Terry Funk was that talent if there ever was one.

The tributes are already pouring in and we look forward to the forthcoming celebration of Terry Funk’s life. There will never be another, but pro wrestling will be a better business if those in it strived to mirror even bits and pieces of what they see when studying Terry Funk.

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