The Iconic “Superstar” Billy Graham Passes Away at the Age of 79

RIP Superstar Billy Graham

One of the true icons and trendsetters in professional wrestling history is no longer with us as Wayne Coleman aka “Superstar” Billy Graham has passed away, he was 79.

While Superstar was known historically as the man who defeated Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Championship in 1977, it became apparent that his influence shaped the future of the wrestling business in numerous ways. From his unmatched physique and interviews to his fashion, Billy Graham’s influence can be seen in every generation that followed him.

Superstar Billy Graham has also become one of the biggest “what if” stories that continued to grow over the years. While Graham only held the WWWF Title for a few months due to Vince McMahon Sr. having concrete plans set years ahead of time, fans have wondered if, instead of losing to Bob Backlund, Graham would have gone on to become the most prominent good guy in wrestling – a role that went to the Hulk Hogan a few years later who has openly discussed the influence that Superstar had on him becoming a wrestler.

It feels like Superstar Billy Graham had been battling health issues for more than half his life, ever since his hip issues in the 80s that were documented on WWF TV. Graham was a fighter in that respect, as he survived so many health issues including a liver transplant, and made it to the age of 79. There will undoubtedly be tons of memories shared online over the next few days and months, as Billy Graham was an original with one of the most fascinating stories ever in pro wrestling. R.I.P. Superstar.

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