Jeff Hardy Arrested for DUI

Jeff Hardy Arrested for DUI

Well, it’s more sad news for Jeff Hardy fans as he was arrested last night in Florida for DUI and driving with a suspended license. Just when we thought WWE might’ve been in the wrong for releasing Jeff last year, this incident points to the fact that he does still have substance issues.

When AEW ended up signing Jeff Hardy, it seemed like all would be right for him – he could reunite with Matt, he could have the creative freedom he didn’t get in WWE, and he would get the final big star run his fans wanted to see. As evident in his past few AEW matches though, Jeff seemed to be beaten up, possibly injured, and just off in general. There was hope that taking some time away from actual in-ring action would help him heal up, but the problems apparently run deeper.

Jeff has had a long history of his career being sabotaged by his substance issues, going back to his runs in WWE years ago to the infamous incident in TNA Victory Road in 2011. It’s sad at this point that what might have been his final run on top may be cut short due to this latest arrest. And to think, even after his release, Jeff had a WWE Hall of Fame induction offer on the table just a few months ago.

As of this writing, Jeff is still incarcerated in Daytona Beach Florida. We as well as so many of his fans once again hope all of this ends well for Jeff and he finds the help that works for him.

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