Video Update: Big E Back Up and Walking Around Following Injury

Big E Recovery

We have another update on the Big E injury situation and it’s definitely a positive one. Just six days ago Big E suffered a broken neck live on Smackdown then E himself gave us a video update on his prognosis and luckily surgery will not be required. Today, E has provided us yet another update, and unbelievably he’s up and walking around his neighborhood.

The “Power of Positivity” that has been The New Day’s slogan for years has never had more meaning than now. To see Big E suffer such a horrific accident just days ago, then to see him back up moving around, joking even, it’s nothing short of inspiring.

Still no word on what Big E’s in-ring future will look like, but whenever he is healthy and ready to return will likely see his popularity soar to new heights. Check out Big E’s words below as his road to recovery is obviously well underway:


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