Pro Wrestling Roundup Memorial Day 2017 Edition

Pro Wrestling Roundup would like to wish all of our readers a happy Memorial Day. We haven’t been blogging as much, but we post every day on our social medial channels – where we have over 15,000 followers and growing.

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Let’s check in on how some of the biggest names in wrestling are celebrating Memorial Day 2017 as only professional wrestlers can. Pro Wrestling Roundup Memorial Day 2017 Edition:

Braun Stroman has a Happy Memorial Day message for you. Let’s check in on some other pro wrestlers.

Charlotte Flair has a more traditional message, with thanks to the men and women in our military.

It doesn’t look like WWE has anything to say about Memorial Day on Instagram, but they have posted some birthdays. Pro Wrestling Roundup joins WWE in wishing a Happy Birthday to Hornswoggle and some other Superstars.

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