Photos Of The WrestleMania 33 Completed Set, Triple H Announces WWE Women’s Tournament, WWE Hall Of Famers Receive Rings

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WWE WrestleMania  33

Now, onto today’s top news: The top news stories on social media in the past 24 hours all come from We read them every day and highly recommend the site. Since it’s WrestleMania weekend, this news is heavy on WWE and WrestleMania 33, as it should be!

Photos Of The WrestleMania 33 Completed Set

Wrestling Inc. and Wrestling Inc. readers have shared some photos of the completed WrestleMania 33 set on their social media profiles. Check out this Instagram and the rest of the photos on their site.

Triple H Announces WWE Women’s Tournament

Triple H Pose
Photo Credit: Miguel Discart

“WWE announces 32-competitor Women’s Tournament coming to WWE Network this summer
For the first time in WWE history, 32 of the top female competitors from around the world will participate in a tournament this summer on WWE Network.”

WWE Hall Of Famers Receive Rings (Video), Samoa Joe On His WrestleMania 33, Red Carpet Video

“WWE posted this video of 2017 Hall of Famers Diamond Dallas Page, Kurt Angle, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Beth Phoenix, Teddy Long receiving their rings from Triple H and Vince McMahon earlier tonight. Rick Rude’s family received his ring.”

Wrestling Inc. also has some news on Samoa Joe and the full 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Red Carpet pre-show here. Go check out Maria Menounos, Cathy Kelley and Renee Young!

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