WWE Hall of Famer “Bushwhacker” Butch Miller Passes Away

RIP Bushwhacker Butch

Sad news coming out of WrestleMania weekend as the legendary Bob “Butch” Miller, known as one-half of The Bushwhackers and formerly the Sheepherders, has passed away at the age of 78.

The news is especially sad since Miller had just arrived in the United States from his native New Zealand to reunite with his partner Luke Williams for signings throughout WrestleMania weekend. Miller fell ill shortly after arriving and has now sadly passed away.

For those who first saw The Bushwhackers upon their arrival in WWE in 1988, they may not have been aware that the duo already had legendary careers around the globe. The fun-loving team known as “The Bushwhackers” were previously known for some of the bloodiest matches of all time as “The Sheepherders.” Just months before their WWF arrival, Luke and Butch were still hated bad guys in the NWA but were able to transition right into Vince McMahon’s vision for them as a comedy team – a transition that earned them a years-long run in the company.

Luke and Butch were able to deliver two very different presentations in pro wrestling, and Butch himself had a storied career that began in 1964! One bright point was the fact that we did get to see The Bushwhackers reunite for their much-deserved WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2015.

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