Edge and The Four Horsemen the first 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Edge WWE HOF 2012

WWE kicked off Hall of Fame inductee announcements earlier than ever last night on RAW when it was announced that Edge and the Four Horsemen were the first announced inductees this year.  A couple of months ago in Mexico, it was announced by Triple H that Mil Mascaras will also be inducted even though the segment wasn’t shown on TV, so technically Mascaras was the first inductee announced.

Edge feels a little rushed, even though he is deserving.  I guess I personally feel like guys that are WAY overdue like The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, and Jake Roberts should be going in before someone that retired a year ago.  Nonetheless, apparently, the WWE locker room voted on it and everyone feels good about it so it makes sense.  Christian will most likely induct Edge which comes as no surprise.

Four Horsemen WWE HOF

The real surprise of the night was that The Four Horsemen will also be inducted this year.  Surprising mainly because Ric Flair, who was always the main guy in the group, currently works for TNA.  I don’t see how it is even possible to induct the Horsemen without Flair there.  Judging by the picture shown on RAW, it looks like they will be inducting the Flair/Windham/Anderson/Blanchard/Dillon version of the Horsemen.  Of course, Windham has had medical problems recently that have kept him in the hospital for a few months, so it will be interesting if he can make it.  If they don’t expect Flair to be part of this, I hope they’re ready for some thunderous “we want Flair” chants to erupt.

The 2012 WWE Hall of Fame is stacking up nicely with plenty more names out there to make it even bigger.  The event takes place, as usual, the night before WrestleMania, but no word yet on when the edited version will air on USA.

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