Goldberg Returning to WWE?

Goldberg WWE Return

This is a very odd post to be making in the week leading into WrestleMania. It’s not so much that we’re covering a possible Bill Goldberg return, but it’s the fact that it’s to WWE and not TNA. Goldberg announced the following via his official twitter page:

“YES.. I am in negotiations with the WWE Looks like ‘ole Hogan and TNA missed the boat. Shame for the fans they didn’t even try. Anyone got any issues on the TNA side I suggest you bring it up with them. Truth is I never thought I’d even consider it……..then came my son. No one said I’d wrestle but the door is open again. Also…. If I ever did step in the ring again, I have a new tag partner. He goes by the name of “Lights Out!!!!”

For anyone that isn’t aware, Goldberg has spent the past few years claiming in any interview about wrestling that WWE misused him in his 2003 run in WWE. While Goldberg did have a world title run, he never captured the magic of his WCW run in the late 90s. When Hogan and Bischoff took over TNA, many immediately questioned if Goldberg would be coming to TNA as well. Goldberg went with the “Never say never, but probably not” approach with TNA, but he’s always made it seem that a WWE return wasn’t even an option.

Of course, this return may not be a wrestling return as he states in his tweet, but then again he doesn’t rule it out either. A wrestling return may not be a bad thing for WWE, since they are in dire need of some different talent that isn’t their usual cookie-cutter developmental guys, but it seems so odd WWE would bring in an older star after pushing so hard to only feature new guys and get rid of older talent. It should be interesting to see how this plays out, and what exactly WWE has in mind for Goldberg….maybe they see that Jeff Hardy and RVD main eventing in TNA could possibly be drawing away some viewers from RAW, so they’re looking at ways to change things up…smart move if so.

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