Maria, Hurricane, and Paul Burchill Released by WWE

Maria Kanellis Released

WWE has started spring cleaning early this year, and the releases have begun. Usually, after WrestleMania each year, WWE cleans house and sends some talent packing. Today WWE first announced that Hurricane Helms (who had been on the release radar since his and Chris Jericho’s arrest) and Paul Burchill (who had been feuding with Hurricane in ECW before its demise) were both gone from the company. Then in a pretty surprising move, Maria was also released from the company. Being Maria is doing celebrity apprentice, is releasing a CD soon, and just started an angle with Matt Hardy, the move is quite surprising. Maria posted her reaction to her release on her official twitter:

“Alright guys let’s talk. I did not ask for my release. I was released. I am still going to kick ass in other areas!! I am excited about the future! But I am sad about never getting the Championship. I am sad about not getting the chance to go to WrestleMania again. Passion is my Motivation! Time to Sing! Time to work for Charity! Time to Dance! Time to be Alive again! Much love to my FANS, my FAMILY, the DIVAS, and my FRIENDS! There is a bright new future when one door closes another opens! Bring on the Doors! Spanks and Kisses”

Very odd for WWE to release a Diva who is doing a lot of mainstream stuff right now, but all we can say is, the door is WIDE open for TNA to pick her up and use her as a very recognizable face when they start the new Monday night war. Helms could also be used since his buddies Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore are headed that way, so the three could have a group in the works there. Burchill, not sure, he’s kind of just drifted in WWE the past few years without much impact. But right now I’m calling Maria Kanellis as a major pickup for TNA that hopefully Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are already working on.

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