Chris Jericho and Hurricane Helms Arrested, Matt Hardy Also Involved

Chris Jericho Arrested

The big gossip going on right now is the arrest of Chris Jericho and Greg “Hurricane” Helms early Wednesday morning in Kentucky 20 miles from where the Smackdown tapings were held, with more and more details coming forth.

According to TMZ, Helms allegedly struck three people in a taxi, including a female. The cab was also carrying Chris Jericho and apparently Matt Hardy. The alleged story says that Helms and Hardy both ran from the scene, but Helms eventually returned, where he was arrested with Jericho for alcohol intoxication at a public place at the gas station where the cab driver stopped and called 911.

Helms and Jericho’s mug shot is all over TMZ, and the Hardy tidbit is a new piece of information on this situation. Apparently, Hardy fled and didn’t return, but no one is pursuing charges against Hardy. The female involved has decided not to press charges, but one of the males is still deciding if he will press charges against Helms.

Being Jericho is a top star right now in WWE, he probably won’t get any kind of disciplinary action, but it wouldn’t shock us to see Helms gone soon, being he isn’t doing much of anything in ECW. If Helms is gone, don’t be surprised to see him pop up with TNA alongside his other troublesome North Carolina friend, Jeff Hardy.

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