Trish Stratus Returns to WWE! Stratusfaction and Merry Christmas to All!

Trish Stratus Returns

Yes, finally and surprisingly we get some Trish Stratus back on WWE TV and even better – in-the-ring wrestling!

You’d think something like that would’ve been saved for WrestleMania but last night on RAW, WWE took advantage of being in Toronto and instead of going with another boring lame ass main event, they chose to pop Toronto big and the TV audience as well by having Trish Stratus return (for one night only, but come on, everyone knows we need more) and team with John Cena to beat Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix.

Now the minute RAW started and it was said that Cena needed a diva partner for the main event, the Trish thoughts were immediate and thankfully WWE did not screw us over. Trish completely overshadowed Cena and pretty much everyone else on the show outside of Chris Jericho who also was way over against CM Punk.

Trish was cheered wildly, while Cena was booed heavily. So basically, Trish was the star of the show while Cena stood there and really had no purpose. It’s crazy to see a Diva that is such a big star, she can main event and outshine the guys but that’s Trish Stratus for you.

Many of the other divas are pretty cookie-cutter these days, but Trish in the mix really brings some star power to not only the diva division but to WWE as a whole. Hopefully, this will just be the seed planted that will lead to a Trish vs. Beth Phoenix showdown at Wrestlemania 25. If WWE is smart, they’ll see how Trish lit RAW up last night and also how she hadn’t missed a step in the ring – pulling off all her classic moves and showing no ring rust. Trish has always said she’d be there if a dose of Stratusfaction was needed, and we think Mania 25 will be the place if not earlier because I don’t think we can ever get enough Stratusfaction!

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