Melina Topless Pics Uncovered

WWE Melina NudesEvery now and then we get news on some WWE Diva nudity from their past, most notably the much talked about Mickie James nude pics from her past which were as dirty as you can imagine. Melina is one of the diva’s that has never had much to report on other than some unfounded rumors. Well now we’ve got a little something at least, as pics have surfaced from a photo shoot Melina did just prior to debuting in WWE.

In the pics, Melina is topless and covered only in a very light layer of body paint which covers absolutely nothing. The pics have a fitting holiday theme, so Melina’s boobs are painted up in some festive holiday wrapping style paint. Being WWE no longer works with Playboy, and have decided to go with the boring TV-PG approach which means we hardly ever get to see the Diva’s in anything sexy anymore, it’s always nice to find some rare pics like these, especially with a Diva like Melina who we haven’t seen any naked pics of. The pics are too hot to post here, but if you want to see the not safe for work pics, check out the link below:

WWE Diva Melina Topless Pics

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