Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE!

Brock Lesnar WWE Return

In one of the most exciting moments on WWE TV in many many years, Brock Lesnar returned to WWE tonight and destroyed John Cena with an F5 straight to hell.  After Cena’s loss to The Rock at WrestleMania, he was still booed unmercifully by the Miami crowd with chants of “you’re a loser” as Cena reiterated that he would never lash out at the fans, etc., etc.  Basically, he said everything that makes fans hate him even more.  “We Want Lesnar!” chants broke out during his promo, as many fans had read the rumors in the past few days that Lesnar had signed.  Cena proceeded to invite The Rock out to tell him he was the better man or something along those lines, what he got was something much different.

As Cena waited for The Rock to arrive, Brock Lesnar’s theme hit, and the roof was blown off the American Airlines Arena in Miami.  Even though some had an idea it might happen, actually seeing it was a moment that will be replayed for years.  Lesnar headed for the ring as the fans chanted “HOLY SHIT” as Lesnar made his way around the ring, with Cena in the ring clapping and being his goofy self. As Lesnar entered and faced off with Cena, there was a moment of uncertainty as to what would happen.  At that moment, Lesnar extended his hand for a handshake with Cena, only to pull him in and deliver the F-5 to another huge roar from the Miami fans.

Lesnar’s return really gives the fans what they want.  Lesnar is the anti-Cena.  Fans haven’t had a guy that has the killer instinct, the all-business approach.  The Rock has been a good opponent for Cena with all the back and forth on the mic, but Lesnar is the killer that will simply destroy Cena.  With The Rock announcing he wants another WWE Title run, and Lesnar returning, a new era seems to be upon us.  All of this combined with a rumored Steve Austin vs. CM Punk match next year at Mania really equals what could be another era of big stars dominating the main events in WWE, and fans loving every minute of it.  One thing is for sure…..after all these years of Cena, Brock Lesnar hitting the ring tonight gave many fans something to be excited about in wrestling again…..Here Comes the F’n PAIN indeed!

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