Edge Returns and Wins the Royal Rumble!

Edge Royal Rumble Return

In a nice twist by WWE, they not only brought back Edge as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, but Edge actually pulled out the win and has won a title shot at Wrestlemania.

Leading into the Rumble, there were rumors that Edge was about ready for a return and that the return could even be made at the Rumble to confront his former tag team partner Chris Jericho. Well as Jericho entered the Rumble at 28, Edge entered at 29 to a huge ovation and cleaned house on Jericho and everyone else in the ring. Batista entered as number 30, and the stage was set as the final few competitors were left in the Rumble. Shawn Michaels was a favorite going in, with his possible rematch with The Undertaker on the line, always has to be considered a favorite since it’s WWE, and even Batista seemed to be a possible winner given his recent heel push.

The word has been that Edge vs. Jericho would be the plan for Mania, but to WWE’s credit, they went with the swerve and Edge won the Rumble, last eliminating Cena.

So with Edge now back and immediately back in the main event picture, it throws off the Mania plans that have been rumored for a few months which included an Edge vs. Jericho match. Now with one pay per view before Wrestlemania, we have Edge getting a title shot at one of the champions, both of whom retained their titles at the Rumble.

It seems WWE knows that TNA is making moves to compete, so it’s time to shake up their programming as well, which is a very necessary move if they are going to keep our interest.

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