Video: Rare Bruiser Brody Shoot Interview

Today I felt the need to share this piece of history here after viewing it.  It may not be what we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to a “shoot interview,” but it is the closest thing we are ever going to get from the legendary Bruiser Brody.  This interview was done sometime in the mid-’80s (there has been question on the exact date, while the video states 1983, he seems to talk about some things that happened a bit later) and was done in St. Louis.  In the interview, Bruiser Brody is out of character and gives his views on the wrestling business as a whole at the time.  This is super rare being that Brody talks about a few things that he later mentions to the interviewer “people shouldn’t know,” such as his real name.

It is so rare to find footage like this, especially from a guy like Brody who wasn’t exactly the “sit down and give a nice interview” type.  He talks about how he produced World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas and booked the talent there, two pieces of information that weren’t exactly freely talked about in that era.  He also talks about how he felt he had 10 good years left in the business, and talks about going to small towns across the country instead of just the big arenas and working for “McMahon.”

Sadly, Bruiser Brody was murdered in 1988 in Puerto Rico.  He has left a legacy as being one of the most unique characters in pro wrestling history.  His mention of “having another good 10 years in wrestling” only makes us question even more what the ECW era would have been like if Brody was still around.  Check out this awesome one of a kind interview with the one and only Frank “Bruiser Brody” Goodish:

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