It’s Official: Kharma is Pregnant

WWE Kharma Pregnancy

It seems that Kia Stevens aka Awesome Kong aka Kharma has some of the worst luck in the wrestling business.  Last year we were reporting that she was released from TNA for punching Bubba the Love Sponge, but this year it looked like it would turn out that the joke was on TNA since Kharma had been signed and was receiving a huge push from WWE.  Just when she was really drawing interest, a twist in Kharma’s life that we don’t believe has happened to any other active female wrestler in a major promotion was being reported.

For anyone that watched RAW, you saw Kharma speak for the first time in WWE as she announced that she was pregnant.  The rumors had swirled last week after the controversial angle that saw Kharma sit in the middle of the ring in tears while surrounded by the other Divas.  Now the rumor has been confirmed, and Kharma will be gone from WWE for the better part of the year.  It’s very interesting that WWE basically gave her the chance to give an out-of-character promo and give the real story.  They had the Bellas go out and trash her a bit for being fat (something Kharma had mentioned Jim Ross told her years ago when she was just getting into wrestling) and gave her something to come back to in about a year.

The real question is, was Kharma irresponsible for letting this happen especially when she had just arrived in WWE?  Should WWE have just let her go as punishment for dropping the ball?  Or should all the Divas be allowed to let these things happen and put WWE angles in jeopardy?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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