R.I.P. Ruth Bollea (Hulk Hogan’s Mother)

Ruth Bollea Death

Our condolences go out to Hulk Hogan who lost his mother Ruth on New Years Eve, she was 88 years old.  For any of us that are old school fans who grew up in the Hulkamania era, Hulk’s parents were seen the very night Hulkamania was born on January 23, 1984.  As Hulk celebrated backstage with Mean Gene, his parents Peter and Ruth Bollea were seen congratulating their son as his monumental win (see picture.)

Through the years, as Hulk’s legend grew and more documentaries and books about his life were written, Ruth was seen regularly talking about her son and his life.  Hulk stated on his Twitter page that his mom was his biggest fan, and it had to be even harder being it fell on a holiday.

Once again PWR sends our condolences to the Hulkster in this rough time.

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