TNA Signs Deal with Playboy; Traci Brooks to Pose Nude

Traci Brooks BoobsLadies and Gentleman, Pro Wrestling Roundup’s call was heard and TNA Wrestling has signed a deal with Playboy that will feature the Knockouts posing nude in the magazine.

Back in May, we called for TNA to get the Knockouts in Playboy, being that WWE is going TV-PG and was going back to the boring 90’s style of wrestling. Well now TNA is doing exactly what we said and is making the statement that they are a different product than WWE and is a place for adult wrestling fans to get what they want.

TNA is kicking things off with Traci Brooks being the first TNA Playboy cover girl and she’ll also be posing nude in the magazine. Traci will be doing a promotional tour with autograph signings to promote the magazine this October, so that means the magazine should be coming pretty soon! Of course we think it’s a great deal for TNA, and mature adult wrestling fans who don’t enjoy WWE’s bland product. Wrestling fans should have options when they want to see the hot women of wrestling naked, and TNA is now providing those options.

Traci Brooks will kick things off and rumors are already swirling that Playboy cover girl Christy Hemme will return to pose again, and SoCal Val will pose as well. Here’s to hoping the Beautiful People and Tara also jump on the bandwagon, and also that the Playboys sell well so we can get a long series going of the TNA Knockouts naked in Playboy!

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