It’s Official, Mick Foley is Coming to TNA Wrestling!

Mick Foley Signs with TNA Wrestling

Well, the rumors were made official today, in one of the biggest moves in years, TNA has signed Mick Foley to what’s being described as a “short-term deal” at this point. Short term or not, Mick Foley in TNA is absolutely HUGE. Foley is a guy that brings a cult following with him, one of the guys that smarts and regular fans alike are fans of. Kurt Angle was the biggest acquisition for TNA to date, and Kurt is no doubt a star, but he didn’t have a cult following like Foley does.

Mick Foley in WWE has dried up, there just isn’t anything WWE can do with him anymore and it’s become a waste. Why throw Mick Foley in a meaningless 5 or 6-way main event just to have him lose as usual. WWE is too stuck on their new stars and their cookie-cutter looks to actually go against the norm and have Foley shock everyone and win a title or something.

Every time Foley came out on WWE TV he still got the much-deserved pop, being he is indeed a legend, but the crowd that would go wild chanting “Foley! Foley” back in the late 90s is gone. That was the crowd that gave respect where it was due. Now we’re back to kids filling up WWE audiences and they want to see the stars that they have a t-shirt of like Cena, Mysterio, Batista, etc. Mick Foley gets a courtesy pop, but the fans who truly enjoyed 90’s wrestling aren’t the majority in WWE’s crowds anymore.

Mick Foley in TNA

Now TNA is a whole different story. Foley in TNA is the first guy that makes such an impact, that you want to see the visual of Foley in a TNA ring, you want to hear the crowd react to Foley in TNA because the TNA fans will explode for him, whether it’s in Orlando or especially any of the northeast towns they run. Foley is a star almost on the level of The Rock or Steve Austin from that era, and his presence in TNA will no doubt be anything short of awesome.

Now the next big question: What will Mick Foley’s role in TNA be exactly? We’ve heard it’s a short-term deal, which really means nothing because things can obviously work out great and Foley will sign on longer; but are we going to get the Mick Foley who comes out and cuts promos and is an authority figure? Are we going to get the hardcore legend who will take on Abyss in a no rope barbed wire match? Or will we get the former heavyweight champion who joins in the current angle with Sting/Nash/Booker/Angle taking on the new generation?

Hopefully, Foley sees in-ring action because he is a guy that can get stories over and give us memorable moments in the ring. WWE will really be kicking themselves if Foley comes in and brings in a whole new interest in TNA. Look at Foley’s last appearance with WWE which was the Smackdown segment with Foley and Edge. Foley got over Edge’s new character completely, which has since made for some AWESOME TV when Edge is on. I credit Foley because he really got the facts over and really brought something out of Edge that was totally missing.

Now Foley is gone, and TNA has Foley to help them build their product, and if done right, he can definitely do it. 1 thing I hope, is Foley gets TNA over the hump so to speak, as they do have some entertaining things on Impact, but something is still missing. A star the caliber of Mick Foley, used in the right way may just be the thing, but we’ll know for sure soon because it’s now official, and TNA is having a very nice day!

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