Pro Wrestling Legend Jerry Jarrett Passes Away at the Age of 80

Jerry Jarrett Passes Away

Another legendary figure in the pro wrestling business is gone as Jerry Jarrett has passed away at the age of 80.

In the grand scheme of things, Jerry Jarrett may not get the recognition he deserves probably because a good portion of his accomplishments took place behind the scenes. While Jarrett was a wrestler and promoter going back to the 60s, his ultimate legacy may be his contributions in the 80s through the 2000s in numerous major companies.

When talking about Jerry Jarret’s involvement in major companies, we’re talking about everything from the classic CWA in Memphis to being a high-level consultant for the WWF in the 90s, to the point that Jarrett may have even run the company had Vince McMahon been charged in his infamous steroid trial. Even years following his WWF involvement, many forget that Jerry Jarrett was one of the initial creators of TNA Wrestling.

It was great to see Jerry back on screen just in the past year on “Tales from the Territories” alongside his son Jeff Jarrett and fellow Memphis Legends Dutch Mantell and Jerry Lawler. Our thoughts are with the Jarrett family as we remember a legend who literally experienced everything in the pro wrestling business.

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