ECW Officially Off the Air in Three Weeks

WWE's ECW Closing

Well, we knew this was coming eventually, and it’s probably the best move. ECW will cease to exist in three weeks, after an official announcement made by Vince McMahon on ECW tonight. Vince made a rare appearance on the show, didn’t even bother walking all the way down to the ring, and dedicated about 1 minute to announcing ECW was done, and that a new show would take its place.

Rumor has it the new “show” or “brand” maybe, will be called WWE NXT, which is supposed to come across as WWE Next, meaning the next generation of stars I guess, and will basically be the same “C” show that ECW has been for the past few years. I’m not seeing anything new coming out of this. We’ll get a new intro, new belts, a different visual look, and that’s about it. ECW hasn’t been meaningful for 4 years or so, and only at the beginning of the ECW revival was there a glimmer of hope that the old ECW magic would be there, and it wouldn’t be just another WWE show with the same old same.

Sadly it got bad fast, and for years ECW has just been the low-level brand that the new guys or guys they had nothing else for were sent to. So Vince tells us this will be revolutionary…we tend to doubt that one. WWE’s road to Wrestlemania buildup is about the only interesting thing going right now, and after that, it’s going to be hard for WWE to create anything interesting enough to go to hold people’s attention when they’re up against TNA.

The real ECW died at the “One Night Stand” pay per view in 2006, and thankfully this WWE ECW will now be finished, and probably will barely be remembered in the history books, because WWE chose to make it worthless.

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