Randy Orton Kicks Vince McMahon in the Head, Ushers in a New WWE Era?

Randy Orton Punts Vince

Was it just me or was WWE RAW really good tonight? I know the road to WrestleMania tends to be pretty good with Mania being the biggest show of the year and the best stories WWE can produce are usually showcased around this time of year, but this year it’s earlier than usual and the stories and characters are picking up big time.

The JBL/Michaels story is tough to really believe, but a great story and delivery nonetheless. JBL has once again renewed himself as a top main event level heel, and along with Chris Jericho, he’s receiving great heel heat. But one man is now receiving all the heat, all the attention, even some chants and pops from the crowd, and that man is Randy Orton.

Earlier tonight, the much anticipated and hyped return of Mr. McMahon took place to a great crowd reaction and handled the situation with Stephanie and Jericho, which saw some great TV that had Jericho getting major heat, and then Randy Orton came out and hurled insults at Stephanie and then Vince. Vince demanded an apology, and as I watched Orton and McMahon stare down…..the intensity was just awesome, and then from the distance, you hear the chant RKO! RKO! RKO!” Hmm, but Orton is the heel in this situation, yet the fans crave him to go nuts and beat people’s ass? Sounds a little “Stone Cold” to me.

A new era was ushered in around 1996 when Steve Austin decided to say screw authority, and start kicking anyone’s ass he felt like. Well, the moment Vince prepared his “YOU”RE FIRED” for Randy Orton, only to have the holy piss slapped out of him, and then Orton kick his head off, wow, it produced a great moment, pure chaos, with EMTs, agents, and Orton’s Legacy group coming out to handle the madness. So Vince is back after 6 months, then the day he comes back he’s punted in the head, which has usually kept guys out for decent amounts of time in the past.

Totally unexpected, totally unpredictable, which has me enjoying WWE again. We have the Royal Rumble this weekend and instead of an overhyped edition of RAW that only pushed the pay per view, we got madness. I can’t call a Rumble winner and hell I can’t even name one definite match for Wrestlemania – when’s the last time THAT happened?

One thing is for sure, Randy Orton is quickly becoming THE top star in WWE, and tonight’s blatant buck of the highest authority has kicked off something that could be very exciting to watch on the Road to Wrestlemania 25!

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