CM Punk Officially Returns to WWE

CM Punk WWE ReturnThe thought of hearing “Cult of Personality” hit again on a pro wrestling show followed by CM Punk appearing and blowing the roof off any given arena is a thought that has remained strong over the past 6 years. Whether it’s been a WWE return or with another promotion such as AEW, fans have never given up on CM Punk being involved in wrestling again – and now it’s happened; just not in the way most would have thought.

CM Punk made his surprise return on WWE Backstage on FS1 as this week’s show came to a close. Maybe it wasn’t as much of a shock if you’ve read online reports about Punk trying out for a spot on the show, but still hearing that all too familiar music hit and seeing Punk appear on a WWE show was a moment that has of course created a huge amount of buzz: 


Leading up to Punk becoming a part of WWE Backstage, Punk had stated that if he became part of the show, he would pull no punches when it came to topics or his opinions and there was even word that Punk would be a FOX employee and not a WWE employee. No word on what kind of offical deal Punk has, but the desire to see him back in a WWE ring will be fueled more than ever now that he’ll back on weekly WWE TV.

On the flip side of this major development, the real shock here has to be that after years of fans chanting for Punk in arenas across the country even during his short stint in UFC, after all the rumors of Punk returning to either WWE or AEW, his long awaited return happened in a studio with no live crowd. The moment of seeing an arena explode and Punk becoming an immediate main eventer for any promotion he chose instead happened in a completely different way, for better or worse.

Will seeing CM Punk on TV every week diminish the reaction if he decides to return to in-ring WWE action? Will seeing him actually build the desire to see Punk come in and confront someone like Seth Rollins who has been feeling the wrath of disapproval from many crowds? Time will tell, but for now it should be very interesting to hear what CM Punk has to say on various topics when he officially begins on WWE Backstage next week.

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