It’s Official: AEW will Bring Pro Wrestling back to TNT

All Elite Wrestling TNT

It’s a historic day for pro wrestling in more ways than one. This morning it was officially announced that wrestling will air on TNT for the first time in 20 years, and with that All Elite Wrestling has officially gone mainstream.

Without even running an official show yet, AEW has created much buzz simply because of their timing. While ratings and overall interest in WWE are at a major low, AEW is promising to bring an alternative and by the looks of things so far, they’re going to do just that.

Whether it’s been selling out a 10,000 seat arena before the company was even officially formed, or signing major well known stars like Chris Jericho and Jim Ross, the guys running All Elite Wrestling have made it clear that they mean business. Will there be detractors? Of course, this is pro wrestling after all. There will be those that say WWE is unbeatable those people will likely watch WWE no matter what kind of product they are given. The key is AEW is all about being an alternative, and not aiming solely to “beat WWE.”

So is AEW the new WCW? In some ways it’s many fans dream to have another WCW that would make WWE step up and have to compete. In other ways, no one wants to see another wrestling company go bankrupt in the end. AEW is bringing something new and fresh similar to what WCW did in 1995 with Nitro. It made people take notice and it created a buzz that took both wrestling companies to unbelievable heights. We can only hope that we are on the bring of another similar era. Their tribute to the WCW Nitro flames was a nice touch regardless.

What Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Adam Page and now Tony Khan have put together is nothing short of amazing. From finding success with a YouTube show to filling an arena which was though to be impossible – bringing a wrestling show back to a major network (and one with a celebrated history no less) is another major chapter in the AEW story.

AEW on TNT will begin later this year – you can read the full press release on

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