Brock Lesnar Possibly Returning to UFC?

Last night before UFC 146’s main event Heavyweight Title fight, Brock Lesnar was shown in the front row which garnered many boos from the UFC crowd.  What was interesting about this is that Brock never attended fight cards he wasn’t on even when he was in UFC.  So of course the press had to ask Dana White about Brock at the post-fight press conference.  Dana’s response is what has many in the MMA community up in arms, since White let it be known that a Brock Lesnar return to UFC is “possible.”

This is all very out of the blue being Brock JUST returned to WWE last month and it’s been well known that he has a contract with a set amount of dates up to next year’s WrestleMania.  A UFC return wouldn’t have been such a shock if it was a couple of years from now, but hearing this news so soon after his retirement is pretty surprising.  Brock retired from UFC after his loss to Alistair Overeem in December, and it seemed like the real deal since Lesnar had serious health issues throughout his UFC career.  When Brock returned to WWE it seemed like the solidifying moment that Lesnar was done in MMA and ready for another full WWE run.  Dana White’s comments now have everyone questioning what exactly Brock is looking to do.

If you’ve followed Lesnar’s current WWE storyline, he has “quit” due to not having his contractual demands met, which of course is just a cover so they can stretch out his limited dates.  So some believe last night’s UFC appearance was simply to further the storyline that Lesnar is gone from WWE and possibly looking to return to UFC.  It makes sense on some levels, but to believe that Dana White would knowingly go along with this seems a bit far fetched.  If Lesnar really does decide to go back to UFC at some point, there are still many matches and re-matches that would be big money for UFC.  A third match with Frank Mir, rematches with Cain Velasquez and Overeem, and of course fights with guys like Junior Dos Santos or even Roy Nelson would all be major fights for Lesnar.

Dana White didn’t go into much detail other than saying Brock wanted to meet face to face, so it remains to be seen if anything will come of this.  Lesnar could conceivably do UFC and WWE if he wanted given his limited WWE schedule, but finishing out his WWE contract and then considering UFC is also possibly.  Many MMA fans might be upset at the very thought of Brock returning, but he is money for UFC and had a very respectable record in the sport. Is Brock seriously considering another fight in UFC?  Time will tell.

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