King of the Ring and 11/29 RAW Reaction

My expectations were high. Coming off a Smackdown show that was heavy on in-ring wrestling, I was hoping the King of the Ring tournament matches would be given the proper time to shine. Instead, they got the usual match times, mostly under five minutes, with the Final getting twelve, which is OK. But RAW was a disappointment overall.

Sheamus winning isn’t such a bad thing, although it would have been nice for HHH to show up at the end to start the King of the Ring vs. the King of Kings program. Sheamus has been floating around with not much to do without the Game around. He’s lost to Morrison and, of all people, Santino, so he needed to be re-established as a bad ass in our minds because Triple H will be back very soon.

I liked the Lawler vs. Miz match and everything leading up to it. It gave us the direction they are heading with the Miz as Champ. The cowardly heel that needs help or to cheat to win. And that’s fine because it can work. Miz can make it work because he’s so good on the mic. Combine that with the fact that Vince McMahon loves the publicity Miz has received since becoming the champ and I think he has a shot to hold onto the belt until Wrestlemania. That would be a very nice, long run, by today’s standards. Every pay per view he can sneak out of it with the belt, some how, some way, leading up to a Wrestlemania match where he drops it.

The rest of RAW was forgettable. The Cena stuff was no surprise. Thankfully they didn’t go with the “Juan” Cena idea. Last night made me think about the “fired” angle. What a waste of time that was. They didn’t even let it sit for one week. I was under the impression that Cena was getting some time off to make a movie or maybe just rest. I thought he’d be gone for at least a few weeks.

I mentioned the Miz dropping the belt at Wrestlemania. I hope it’s not Cena vs Miz, though, because I’m thinking if Undertaker can go at Mania, Cena would be the best option. Cena/Undertaker would be absolutely huge. It’s not a program that has been overdone. I think Cena could make believers out of us all that he can be the guy to end the streak, but in the end he will fall like all the rest.

Cap Allen

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