Wrestling News- Scott Hall Fired and More

-So most of you may have heard that Scott Hall was finally released from TNA after his drunken shenningans. While I’m happy hopefully he gets himself cleaned up.

-The Daniel Bryan firing was explained away on the last Raw

-ODB also was released from TNA which is ashame because their women’s division is getting smaller and smaller

Some matches for Smackdown

JTG vs Chavo

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Masters

Big Show+Mysterio vs CM Punk and Swagger

Kelly Kelly vs Layla

Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins (who are now fully contracted) vs MVP and Christian

Superstars Results

Primo def Yoshi Tatsu

The Uso’s def Mark Henry and Goldust

Kofi def Trent Barreta

-Chris Jericho has been recieving some heat from management about his hosting a new ABC TV show

-Edge is reportedly staring in WWE’s next action-comedy Chasing The Hawk

-Zack Ryder recieved a concussion after that powerbomb to the floor by Morrison

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