Who Should Undertaker’s Next Wrestlemania Opponent Be

I want to hear your opinions on who you think Undertaker should face at the next Wrestlemania. Here are my choices and why:

Chris Jericho-Two of the top people in the company going at it on the grandest stage of the all. I have to say if anyone had a chance to break the streak it’d be Chris Jericho(in a kayfabe sense of course before you call me a mark).

CM Punk-CM Punk the current top heel in the company (Jericho being #2) could have a great match with the Undertaker and reignite their old feud.

Triple H(rematch)-Lets face it nobody really remembers their match from Wrestlemania X-Seven. Both of these guys are nearing the end of their career and they can definitely put on a memorable match (not Michaels vs Taker but close).

Last but not least

John Cena-I’m probaly alone here but I’d love to see Cena vs Taker. As much as people despise Cena I do want to see the companies top 2 babyfaces duke it out. If Cena breaks the streak a riot is sure to ensure.

This is just a short article I wanted to put. I’m not going to be watching Fatal Four Way (because the card is shit) but I will put my predictions up after I post this.


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