NXT Rookies vs Pros Feud Continues and more News

At an FCW show the main event was going to be The Miz and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson?) vs Christian and Heath Slater. Christian came out alone at first. Christian called Slater to the ring to ask why. Slater blames Christian for losing NXT and Daniel Bryan attacked Christian and the Miz came out to help. Miz asked Christian to become his partner so we had a pros vs rookies match. Before Miz and Christian could win the other Season 1 Rookies came out and laid them out and destroy the ring again. I’m excited to see what happens of Smackdown and Raw.

-Rumors are spreading about a Cena/Barret feud but they are unconfirmed

-Vince Mcmahon showed up to WWE’s taping with a black eye and some cuts. Nobody knows what happened and Mr. Mcmahon isn’t addressing it.

-The Matches for Tonights Impact
Homicide vs Brian Kendrick
Kurt Angle vs Amazing Red
Roxxi+Rosie Lottalove vs Velvet and Lacey
Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe, and Aj Styles vs Jay Lethal, Abyss, Jeff hardy, and Mr. Anderson

-WWE.com has a new article on the Headbangers tag team

Pretty good article one of them trained the Big Show apparently

-Undertaker is going to be out for majority of the summer on injury. Oh sorry i mean he’s going to be in a vegetative state for a while.

-Beth Phoenix was at the Smackdown taping so were members of the FCW

-In a dark match before NXT JTG beat Dos Caras
-In Dark Match after this weeks Smackdown tapings Big Show and Mysterio beat CM Punk and jack Swagger in a steel cage match

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