Dear Tammy Lynn Sytch, AKA: Sunny. We LOVE You.

Today, Tammy Lynn Sytch posted an attack on The Bella Twins through her Facebook, it stated the following:

“there’s no excuse for any of those girls in their early 20s to get a little chubby. Wait until they hit 35 and everything slows the fuckk down. Then what? They are getting paid to look a certain way. If I was there right now, I’d weigh 118 fucking skinny ass pounds again!”

Well, after she posted that, most wrestling websites attacked her opinion of The Bella Twins, in which she replied back with the following:

would love to know why EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion and freedom of speech, but according to these “news” websites, IM NOT ALLOWED to have one????!! Is it b/c Im a woman?? Jim Cornette can rant about everything, and he’s respected for it…I say ONE LITTLE THING and Im a raving bitch??? Double standards,… you assholes……hypocritial double standards…..F**k all of you.

Tamara Lynn Sytch:
is busy cleaning the house. Wrestling news site translation: I robbed a bank today and Im spending the money on plastic surgery

Tammy, this is Random Villain over here at Pro Wrestling News. And I want you to know something. You are 100% right about The Bella Twins. You are the ORIGINAL Diva in my book. And to this day, remain the HOTTEST diva that has ever graced the WWE ring. So even though all these wrestling sites blast you for your opinion, I agree with it. For two reasons, 1 because everyone can have their own opinion on things, especially you. And 2 because you are insanely hot, and I would cut off my left arm to take you out on a date anywhere you wanted as long as you paid for half.

Tammy, Sunny, you are hot, and the Bella Twins, need to take a few lessons from you.

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