R.I.P. Dr. Death Steve Williams

R.I.P. Steve Williams
Dr. Death Steve Williams died today, no details on the how or why as of yet. But, like most, I am assuming heart attack. You may remember him from his time in WWE when Jim Ross went crazy and turned heel and managed him for awhile.

**Note**  Our Writer Random Villain was not aware of Dr. Death’s battle with throat cancer for the past few years.  Doc battled and beat cancer once, and even continued wrestling even though he needed a device to talk.  Sadly the cancer recently returned, and Doc lost the battle this time, but will be admired for his good spirits and hard fought battle right to the end.  At the bottom of this post, we’ve linked to Steve Williams book, which Steve Williams himself documents his wrestling career and battle with cancer.  RIP to a true legend here in the U.S., and worldwide.


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