Suck It Spoiler Fanatics

This is a post for all you so called “smart marks” out there. I just wanted to write and say ,”hahahahahahahahahahahaha” to all of you. I heard so many of you say “Christian is the one who is attacking Jeff Hardy. He is going to be at the Royal Rumble. It’s confirmed, it’s not a rumor.” In a day when the internet wrestling community is trying to destroy the mystery and surprises that made me become a huge wrestling fan, I will take every opportunity possible to rag on all of you who think you are in the know or have some special kind of source that the other two million wrestling fans don’t have. When Matt came out with the chair,I said to my friend'” Please let him hit Jeff…..Please!” When it happened it was a great moment for me as a fan. I believe it is the beginning of a really great feud. I also felt like it was a statement by the WWE that Mcmahon( not to mention a lot of fans) is getting tired of internet rumor rubbish. I was actually going to be disappointed last night if the attacker turned out to be just Christain simply because I have read it online for the past month. I hope this is an indication as to how unpredictable the road to Wrestlemania is going to be. If Vince has some guys working for him that can simply look online and see what everyone is saying is going to happen and then do something else, the internet won’t destroy wrestling like some say it will.

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