Thank You WWE, Chris Jericho is Our NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

What? How? Huh? Yes, you read the headline right, tonight at Unforgiven, in the championship scramble match that could have seen any of the 5 guys in the match come out as WWE World Champion, NONE of the scheduled guys in the match took home the gold, as an odd, out of nowhere replacement known as Chris Jericho won the title in a crazy twist. As I sat here at the Stardust Ranch watching WWE Unforgiven, the Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho match had me wondering the WHOLE time why this match wasn’t the main event. Great story, great delivery, great pace, the feud can’t be touched in WWE right now. HBK got a little revenge, but made it clear he still didn’t get enough, and was delivering the old school vibes in a major way with this feud. Shawn Michaels won, but this great war is far from over. So as I see another great story developing, that being Randy Orton rallying the second generation stars together, namely Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, and Afa Jr. (Now called Manu,) the new group kicked CM Punks ass and took him out of the main event, which did not anger me in the least. Then the speculation begins, who could replace Punk? Is Orton really ready to return and have we been worked into a situation where Orton comes out and wins? That would’ve been cool, but that didn’t happen. Is WWE going to be typical and have NO one come out, and pull a lame title win by Batista or Mysterio, or hell ANYone else in the match? Nope not that either. Instead, we get a true “WHAT THE HELL?” reaction, when Jericho’s music hits once again, and he slowly tries to make his way to the ring, selling the straight up FIGHT he just had with Michaels. With only seconds left, and Batista the current champ, Y2J slid in the ring, stole a pin, and is the NEW World Champion…..and I must say I loved it. Jericho has reinvented himself with his new heel character, and is by FAR the best heel currently on RAW, and drawing the most heat. Problem was, he was stuck in the midst of such a good story with Michaels, the heavyweight title just wasn’t in the picture at the time. But somehow, for some reason, WWE threw us a curve ball, and actually shook things up, and gave the title to a guy that can carry it correctly, and draw the correct amount of heat needed. This move really shakes things up and has me interested in watching at least RAW, as they’re definitely pushing new talent, and guys who are making an impact are getting titles and pushes, while lame ass boring crap is being pushed aside. Here’s hoping Y2J has a great series of defenses with HBK, while Punk hopefully gets sent to TNA or ROH or something, seriously, the guy’s T-shirt looks like a dress on him, I want a world champion with class, a world champion who can come out in a suit and look like a champion, i want a world champion that will bring back some real interest, enough that MAYBE some other writers could even write on this site, imagine that!

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