Chris Jericho is starting to piss me off.

Chris Jericho was on the “Bubba The Love Sponge” radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio this morning. Jericho sidestepped any questions regarding his WWE return and said you can see him on his book tour. He did however mention that people have came up to him and said they have stayed home from work to order Cyber Sunday and asked him why he wasn’t at RAW in Philadelphia. Now see, this is where I start to get pissed. Both myself, and a lot of my friends spent money and ordered the last two pay per views, expecting to see Chris – and nothing happened. Now, either this is some huge stunt by WWE to trick us all in to ordering pay per views that in past years have had horrible buyrates, or it’s some lame ass return, that’s been so stretched out, now nobody cares anymore.

Bubba said that Jericho’s return is the worst kept secret in the business. He then talked about when TNA President Dixie Carter was on the show a few weeks ago and mentioned WWE’s deal with Chris. Chris and Bubba then joked about him signing a million dollar a year deal with TNA.

Chris went on to talk about his backstage fight with Goldberg, his book, and Chris Benoit.

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