DarkDefender85’s Top 25

  1. Randy Orton: The WWE Champion in Still on Top after wrestling 3 matches on RAW.
  2. Umaga: Umaga Destroyed a Jobber in three seperated matches to prove a point to HHH
  3. Batista: Spearing JBL isnt going to help him in his upcoming match against the Deadman
  4. CM Punk: The ECW Champion picked up a win with Kane’s help.
  5. HHH: Not wrestling on RAW moves The Game down 2 spots.
  6. Matt Hardy: The man that will not die picked up and impressive win with MVPs help.
  7. The Undertaker: Jamie Noble felt the cold hand of the Deadman on Smackdown.
  8. Kane: Helped CM Punk pick up a win on ECW.
  9. MVP: Helped his tag team partner pick up a win.
  10. Rey Mysterio: Showed Finlay he likes to fight as well.
  11. HBK: Was a superkick away from defeating Randy Orton, but Mr Kennedy had other plans.
  12. Jeff Hardy: He may be the Intercontinental Champion, but he is no match for Randy Orton.
  13. Mr. Kennedy: Did his best in a match with Orton on RAW.
  14. Finlay: The Fighting Irishman tired his best against Matt Hardy but came up short.
  15. Big Daddy V: Showed his not afraid on Kane on Smackdown.
  16. The Great Khali: The big man is having hard times since losing the World Title.
  17. Jesse and Festus: Defeated Elijah Burke and Nunzio on ECW.
  18. Chris Masters: Defeated Chuck Palumbo on Smackdown.
  19. John Morrison: Couldnt get in done in a Handicap Match on ECW.
  20. The Highlanders: Robbie picked up a win against Brian Kendrick.
  21. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch: Not being on RAW hurts the Tag Team Champions.
  22. The Miz: Was Chokeslamed to Hell on ECW by Kane.
  23. Chuck Palumbo: A Loss to Masters wont keep this biker down.
  24. London and Kendrick: The high flying duo need to get their heads back in the game.
  25. Drew McEntyre: Dave Taylor newest ally got a Major win.

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