London and Kendrick: The WWE’s Best Tag Team

Many years ago in the WWF there lived several duos of men that would fight for honor, glory, and gold. These men were called tag teams. Tag teams were a big part of professional wrestling until the the WWF became the WWE. Teams were thrown together and teams like Booker T and Test, William Regal and Tajiri, and Kane and RVD became World Tag Team Champions. Just when it looked like tag team wrestling was about to die in the WWE, along came a new kind of tag team, Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

These two cruiserweights were put together to give them something to do when the crusierwieght division were dying and they have become one of the most successful tag teams of the post-Attitude era. Their speed, agility, high flying manevurs, and teamwork more than make up for their lack of power. Brian Kendrick was fired, he went to Japan to become and better wrestler, and was rehired. After he returned he was and put into a team with his real life best friend Paul London after London’s crusierwieght title reign. Soon they clawed their way up the Smackdown tag division and became a fued with Smackdown most successful tag team of the time, MNM. London and Kendrick defeated them 6 times before they were granted a tag title shot at in early 2006. They defeated MNM and began a 11 month title reign. They are now in the history books as the 4th longest reigning tag team of all time.

During their 11 month title reign, they defeated the likes of The Pitbulls, Idol and Stevens, and Deuce and Domino. They also gained a valet in Ashley. Their title reigns best match would have to be when they defeated Regal and Taylor, MNM, and The Hardyz in a match the Hardyz made famous, The ladder match at Armageddon 2006. All good things must come to an end and their title reign ended when Deuce and Domino defeated them for the WWE Tag Team Titles. When that fued ended, London and Kendrick were drafted over to RAW and have started a new chapter in their career.

When they were drafted over to RAW they continued their tag team dominance over the teams on Monday Night RAW. They defeated The Highlanders, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. After defeated Cade and Murdoch in a non-title match, they were granted a title shot at a house show in Africa where they became the World Tag Team Champions. When they became the champions, they became only the 2nd tag team in WWE history to hold the WWE and World Tag Team Titles.

Many people have compared London and Kendrick to the Midnight Express, The Hardyz, and even The Rockers, which would make sense since they were both trained by The Rocker himself Shawn Michaels. These two young men who have defied all the critics and have shut them up by proving that they are the best tag team in the WWE in a time when tag team wrestling does not mean much. One day this great tag team is going to be torn apart by a storyline and they will both move onto bigger and better things. That is why we should enjoy this awesome tag team while we still have the chance. These two young men may not be the Midnight Express, they may not be The Legion of Doom, they may not even be The Hardyz, but they are London and Kendrick: The Best Tag Team In The WWE.

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